A Tribute to Nelson Mandela

We wanted to show our respect by taking a moment to discuss one of the most influential people in Africa in the last 100 hundred years.  This man is known globally for his peace efforts, and has become a symbol of unity to the world.  We here at Out Of Africa Art Shop greatly admire this amazing man named Nelson Mandela.

Mandela was born on July 18, 1918 in South Africa.  After studying law at the University of Witwatersrand, he became involved in anti-colonial politics in Johannesburg, and became a member of the African National Congress and a founding member of the Youth League in 1944, which was the rise of a new generation of leaders.  Even though Mandela worked as a lawyer, and tried to commit to a non-violent protest against the apartheid, he was arrested in 1962 for the conspiracy to overthrow the state in a association with the South African Communist Party.


Mandela served over 27 years in prison until and international campaign lobbied for his release, which was the result in 1990.  After being released, it was during a time of tensions rising in the country due to the apartheid (apartheid’s literal meaning is “a part hood), and Mandela made negotiations with then President F.W. de Klerk to end the apartheid, and make the first multiracial elections of 1994.  He led the ANC in this election, and successfully became the first black president of South Africa.

After becoming President Mandela in 1994, his work for humanity only expanded.  He helped South Africa encourage land reform, combat poverty, and made healthcare services more available.  After retiring from Presidency in 1999, he declined a second term, and went on to do charitable work through the Nelson Mandela Foundation to help end poverty, make rural development, and educate about HIV/AIDS.

The world lost a truly great humanitarian on December 5, 2013, but we couldn’t be more grateful to have had him change it for the better when he did.

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