Brass Sculptures of Africa

brass-sculptureMetal crafting is one of the oldest surviving crafts from continental Africa. The growing popularity of this old craft continues to attract new collectors, while established collectors will also find new and interesting pieces. Much of the art comes from West Africa, from places such as Gambia and Burkina Faso.

Burkina Faso is a Northwest African country formerly known as Upper Volta. It is a tropical national and a former French colony. Metal crafting is as old as the culture itself. The country is Africa’s fourth-largest producer of gold and mining for many different metals is a major industry here. Brass crafting is as influential an art form as ebony carving is in southern African countries such as Nigeria.

Brass crafting was once considered a regal occupation. Metal statues were a significant part of the region’s religious practices. Statues of bass, bronze and other metals were cast to honor kings, queens, god and goddesses in this region. In the nearby nation of Benin, a royal brass guild existed in thirteenth century. Bronze crafting was, and is, also a popular craft in the region which faces the South Atlantic Ocean.

African art continues to reflect the ancient tradition of reverence for life. Many African brass sculptures depict living things-both animals and humans. Most sculptures invoke a spiritual connection you can feel just by looking at them and letting your imagination awaken.

Brass sculptures in human form may have people in regal poses, but you’ll find just as many of people doing the daily labors of life, such as balancing buckets of water on a stick to carry back to the village, or balancing a vase on the head to bring back the day’s findings of fruit that will be the evening’s delight.

Some of the most popular statues are those of African musicians. Africa’s deep connection to drums and percussion show in the many brass sculptures of ritual musicians playing drums and xylophones. To possess a statue made by members of the original culture is to bring that culture’s vibes into your home. The sculptures have an unmistakable presence of god spiritual power just as they symbolize true and complete cultural authenticity.

Animal sculptures come in countless forms. Rhinos, elephants and many more can be found in these collections. Animal lovers will find plenty of choices at Out of Africa Art Shop.

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